2010 highlights

The first annual Toxies, America’s most exciting new awards show took place amid great excitement outside of the Egyptian theater at Hollywood and Vine on March 3rd, 2010.

During the show, BPA carried home the “Worst Breakthrough Performance” award and made sure to thank the chemical industry for continually providing her with work. “Worst Long Running Performance” went to Mercury, and no one could contest when Lead was awarded the long-awaited “Lifetime achievement in Harm” award. Lead acknowledged that his legacy will always live on “thanks to weak regulations and sub-standard housing.” And who could forget how the provocative NMP stole the stage with his acceptance of “Worst Stripper Performance.”

The award ceremony concluded with several esteemed speakers who discussed the important issues that brought the insidious cast of bad actor chemicals together for the Toxies — we need to take these chemicals off  the market and end a legacy that has allowed these bad actors to contaminate our families and our environment! Click here to download the accompanying Bad Actor Chemicals report with policy recommendations.

Below are select photographs and video from last year’s show as well as press coverage. Click here for complete coverage of the 2010 Toxies.


photo highlights


video highlights

Here’s some coverage of the 2010 Toxies: