The Toxies: Exposed Premiere

The August 15, 2013 premiere of The Toxies: Exposed, the 4th annual event of The Toxies, was a great success! Families, individual supporters, our famous Toxies bad actors, panelists, and community organization representatives joined together for an evening of fun and learning. See The Toxies: Exposed webisodes!

The audience was slowly ushered in for the premier of our exciting-and-information-filled video presentation on this year’s Toxies honorees – BPA, Chloropicrin, Dioxin, Fracking Cocktail, Halogenated Flame Retardants, Lead, Yellow Soap, and Mercury. The videos received applause and support from the audience, and this year’s Toxies bad actors rushed out of the film viewing room at the audience’s strong boos. Our panelists then convened on stage, briefly introducing their specialties and organizations, and ready to answer questions from our audience members. A discussion ensued about the presence of specific hazardous chemicals in our communities and workplaces and what we, together, can do to fight them and protect ourselves and our communities.

The rest of the evening was spent with everyone enjoying delicious food – generously provided by the local Cabbage Patch Restaurant – and mingling against the backdrop of eclectic music. Many thanks to all of our supporters. We are excited for what the Toxies will do next, and are working on new ideas to make The Toxies even more entertaining and informative.

See photos below – click images to enlarge.