lifetime achievement in harm: lead

Lead has solidified his place as one of the most versatile, household names in bad acting. He has touched and poisoned the lives of millions from Ancient Rome to today’s urban dwellings – Silverlake, watch out! Even though his performances have been recognized as toxic for hundreds of years, his complex ability to cause damage has only recently been understood. So subtle were his performances, that before anyone knew it, Lead had penetrated everything from paint, piping, children’s toys, baby bibs, jewelry, handbags, lunchboxes, artificial turf, wheel weights, candy, and a range of industrial applications.

Lead has a profound ability to damage children’s intellectual and behavioral development. Serious, parental discretion is advised. No safe threshold for Lead has ever been discovered, and his performances continue to be linked with learning disabilities, infertility, cancer, and increased risk of heart attacks.  Lead is a proud, charter member of California’s Proposition 65 List.

  • This bad boy has yielded his star power far beyond industrial applications and extened his turf to include things in your home like lead-based paint, piping, toys, baby bibs, jewelry, handbags, lunchboxes, artificial lawns, Bounce Houses, lipstick and candy!
  • We know that even small levels of Lead’s evil contact can have huge effects on human health. Lead stops at nothing to profoundly damage your children’s intellectual and behavioral development. Children who have been exposed to higher levels of lead score lower on IQ tests than children with less exposure. Kids with higher exposures are also more impulsive and have shorter attention spans.
  • In adults, Lead has received rave reviews from some of the most famous and mainstream health agencies for his antagonistic ability to help cause cancer, infertility, heart attack and kidney failure. He’s hated by all- old, young, male and female!
  • Even the US Federal government is trying to degrade his star power through the Lead Free Toys Act and the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act.

Learn more at Center for Environmental Health and Black Women for Wellness.

Actor: Juan Rodriguez. Photo by: Patricia Mateos Ballestero