Yellow Soap

Demand Protection from Toxic Chemicals


Yellow Soap is a mysterious degreaser that you can find at your local carwash shop. We say “mysterious” because we don’t really quite know what kind of Toxic Chemical this character is. This, of course, thanks to the lack of Hazard Communication standards in this industry which requires employers to label and obtain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for all chemical products in the workplace among other things.

Yellow Soap is responsible for getting your ride squeaky clean and in doing so he contaminates not only the air, but upon contact, severe irritation occurs on the skin and his mist and vapors cause irritation of nasal and respiratory passages. Several Carwasheros have started to demand that he show his true identity as they are sick and tired of the drama he brings to their lives. Yellow Soap is truly a headache for Carwash Workers.

We have recently gotten information from an undisclosed, ultra-confidential source that Yellow Soap might be in cahoots with Dodecylbenzen, Ethylene Glycol and Sodium Hydrate, and that he works really closely with his buddy, TCE, a Toxie nominee!